GB22 Update 2017-12-18

Well I finally got around to making progress on my .22 LR pistol build. It was a whole bunch of fun spending hours mindlessly jigsawing through the steel plate but the hard work has been paying off. It’s still a little way off from being complete but it’s showing promise so far.

At this point it is just the slide that remains as the last thing to make. I didn’t post anything along the way so I will just post the pics that I took during the construction.

The plans are available for $12 from Serbu firearms if anyone is looking to make their own GB22. It isn’t too difficult and can be done with a jigsaw and hand files. I did use a manual mill for the barrel portion but it is possible to do with a hand drill and by welding it in instead of milling a groove and fastening with roll pins as I did.


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