Never post pictures of your keys

I just saw Brian Brushwood Modern Rogue video on 3D printing keys (Here) it was very entertaining to watch them get a working key but being at a locksmith shop I thought I could do better so I whipped these up in about 30 seconds.

These were cut on a CNC key cutter with software that has key data and codes for thousands of keys. This is a pic of the software with the spacing and cut depths blurred out (I actually just knew the depths from looking at Brian’s key, Kwikset are very easy to decide by eye)

And this is the machine that does the cutting, much more expensive than a 3D printer though.

Project Diva Arcade Wallet Complete!


So I finally got around to cranking out the 5 hours of stitching to put this all together. In the end it turned out really well but it could probably have done well with another two card slots. I have also uploaded the files for laser cutting your own leather pieces if anyone would like to make their own. Link to files is HERE.

IMG_20170529_180146092img_20170529_180131663-e1496096166197.jpg       IMG_20170521_152145448_HDR

Wooden PC Case Project

So I decided that my Dell Dimension 3000 case was too lame so I made a CAD model a mock up of a wooden case. Relatively simple yet still able to do its job with plenty of space for cooling.

Wooden PC

As of now it is just the CAD model and a few individual components that have been test made. Next step is to get some wood and start making some of these pieces. It should be a relatively quick project.

Leather Arcade Wallet

I have been working in this new for a little bit but have not made much progress until last week.

I wanted a way to carry all of my  different arcade and IC cards without filling up my regular wallet. It was all designed in CAD and laser cut.

I will probably post the files when it is all completed along with some sort of guide if anyone else wants to make either the same design or one with different art on the cover.

The “buttons” are hand tooled and painted with water based acrylic paint on vegetable tan leather and the internals are on thin pig suede. In the next week or so I should have it completed so stay tuned if you are looking to make one yourself.

HYDRA 58 Complete!

With LDRS just around the corner and a nice weekend of weather, I was finally able to complete the paint and decals on my scale Hydra 70. (though the tube launcher still needs to be built…)



For those of you who have not seen the previous posts on this build, here is the basic overview.

  • Fiberglass body
  • Single Deploy
  • 3D printed nosecone and fin can frame
  • Fiberglass spring loaded fins
  • 38mm motor mount
  • Eggtimer TRS mounted in the nose cone
  • Backup Stratologger CF in the AV bay

So all thats left is to make a coupler for the two mailing tubes that make up the launch tube and fly this crazy thing.

Switch Lasering Complete!

UPDATE: Better Pictures Have Been Added, also the template link is HERE
Well, I has been 2 weeks and I already tried to kill it with a 40 watt CO2 laser but it still lives on!





It turned out pretty awesome in the end but of course I can’t leave you with just this because I know someone is going to want to cut up their Switch as well. If you saw the previous post then you probably saw the old template so I present the New and Improved version.

All of the image work was done in Corel Draw (Il add the template for engraving your own later tonight) as multiple layers. I took the CAD DWG file and just directly imported it to Corel and used that as a boundary line for the image and added 6mm wide bars to the top and bottom so no Lasering would be on the curved edge.

After having a working boundary area, I just tried a whole bunch of different squid layouts until I found one that looked pretty good, I wanted it to look like a texture from a little distance.

Before cutting I completely covered the screen with blue tape and the silk screening on the back just in case. (no issues with it cutting the wrong parts)

To make sure it was alligned, I ran the file through with just the vector cut file as shown above and then ligned the Switch up exactly with the cutout. It is designed to slide perfect into the corner guides but just in case the laser was a bit off from someone else’s percussive maintenance.

This is the important part!!!

Laser cutters have two (2) modes, raster and vector. Raster engraves images while vector used the laser as a knife and slices stuff apart. My file has hairlines which will be interpreted as vectors so….

Make absolutely sure the laser is set to raster only. RASTER ONLY!!!!!

OK so now that you know to only use RASTER when your Switch is in the death box, the settings I used for raster on an Epilog 40w laser were 1200DPI, 50% speed, 12% power. You can use a little more or less but too much power and the imaging  may look melty.

Here is the Template link MYAHHHHH

Laser Engraving the Nintendo Switch

Update: it has been completed 3/16/2017

So I have only owned my switch for 10 days but I am already going to tattoo the back of it. As of now I have the boundary area where the laser can go without damaging the logo or anything else.

As for the design, I am pretty much set on some sort of Splatoon design but I just have to do a whole bunch of photochopping to see what will look good. If all goes well, I will probably have it all set on Thursday.

Oh, and if anyone wants a DXF or a Corel Draw template of the boundary area just leave A comment and Il put the most up to date one on Thingiverse. (for the NA version, looks like other regions have slightly different marking layouts so the design may overlap)