µDiva Progress

The mini project diva controller I have been working on is finally in a working state. It still needs a few things before it will be a finished project. 

One of the issues with a controller so small is the acrylic does not have the strength to withstand cracking, namely the corner brackets. To combat this, I will be making the final ver. out of ABS sheet instead. This does limit colors to black, grey, and white but the durability is not there otherwise. In the future it may be possible to use ABS brackets and acrylic panels if anyone is looking for different colors.

If anyone is interested, kits will be available upon request after the final version is posted.

Mini Diva Controller in the works

So this year (2018) I am planning on going to MAGFest for the arcade and console games. I want to bring my full size Diva controller but it is just too damn big.

I present a work in progress…

It is a 1/5 scale replica of my full size layout. It will be using Seimitsu PS-15 buttons, a Brook PS3/4 board, some tiny 6mm buttons I had laying around, a TinyXLR 4 pin for the USB out, and probably some LED case lighting because why not? The best part is that it will have a touch slider in the middle instead of some janky button setup.

Total cost will be around $100 in parts so it is much more affordable than the full scale however I don’t know how playable it will be. Stay tuned for updates and hopefully completion.

Never post pictures of your keys

I just saw Brian Brushwood Modern Rogue video on 3D printing keys (Here) it was very entertaining to watch them get a working key but being at a locksmith shop I thought I could do better so I whipped these up in about 30 seconds.

These were cut on a CNC key cutter with software that has key data and codes for thousands of keys. This is a pic of the software with the spacing and cut depths blurred out (I actually just knew the depths from looking at Brian’s key, Kwikset are very easy to decide by eye)

And this is the machine that does the cutting, much more expensive than a 3D printer though.

Project Diva Arcade Wallet Complete!


So I finally got around to cranking out the 5 hours of stitching to put this all together. In the end it turned out really well but it could probably have done well with another two card slots. I have also uploaded the files for laser cutting your own leather pieces if anyone would like to make their own. Link to files is HERE.

IMG_20170529_180146092img_20170529_180131663-e1496096166197.jpg       IMG_20170521_152145448_HDR

Wooden PC Case Project

So I decided that my Dell Dimension 3000 case was too lame so I made a CAD model a mock up of a wooden case. Relatively simple yet still able to do its job with plenty of space for cooling.

Wooden PC

As of now it is just the CAD model and a few individual components that have been test made. Next step is to get some wood and start making some of these pieces. It should be a relatively quick project.

Leather Arcade Wallet

I have been working in this new for a little bit but have not made much progress until last week.

I wanted a way to carry all of my  different arcade and IC cards without filling up my regular wallet. It was all designed in CAD and laser cut.

I will probably post the files when it is all completed along with some sort of guide if anyone else wants to make either the same design or one with different art on the cover.

The “buttons” are hand tooled and painted with water based acrylic paint on vegetable tan leather and the internals are on thin pig suede. In the next week or so I should have it completed so stay tuned if you are looking to make one yourself.

HYDRA 58 Complete!

With LDRS just around the corner and a nice weekend of weather, I was finally able to complete the paint and decals on my scale Hydra 70. (though the tube launcher still needs to be built…)



For those of you who have not seen the previous posts on this build, here is the basic overview.

  • Fiberglass body
  • Single Deploy
  • 3D printed nosecone and fin can frame
  • Fiberglass spring loaded fins
  • 38mm motor mount
  • Eggtimer TRS mounted in the nose cone
  • Backup Stratologger CF in the AV bay

So all thats left is to make a coupler for the two mailing tubes that make up the launch tube and fly this crazy thing.