Long Term Project List

This is just a list of links to my currently in progress projects (may or may not have links).

The DIECYCLE: 35% October 2018. Status: Razor MX350 purchased, new tires installed, working on motor mount

Shoot Out Light Bulb: 45% May 2018
Status: Silicone Dome Cast, Electronics running
Working on bulb shaped form factor




GB-22 Build: 100%
Status: Awaiting Test Firing.

μDiva Controller: 100% October 2017

Camera Shy (Blackhawk 38): 100% Summer 2017

Hydra 58 Rocket: 100% April 2017
Status: Launched arrow straight but chute failed to deploy… Time to print a new nose.

Arcade Card Wallet: 100% April 2017

Project Diva Controller: 100% October 2016

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