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Pico Fighting Board Rev1.1 Soldering Tutorial

This soldering tutorial is for FeralAI’s Pico Fighting Board, an open source control board based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller. Documentation for the project can be found at For more information on the Pico Fighting Board specifically, including the BOM for building this project This is an overview of everything that will…

A new layout?

Yeah, the old one was garbage. WordPress added this fancy new “block editor” thing recently and I happened to want to change the whole look of this website. The purpose of this site was to put little snippets of projects I am working on all in one place, but I get lazy and I have…

Updates? Who’s got time for that?

Been a while again. Haven’t had many projects going on but now I do Making a new Miku themed subwoofer for my car I’m also going to be doing a Tipp (Ring Fit Adventure) cosplay. Pretty simple, just have to turn the Ring-Con orange with some vinyl and paint. There are some other things I…


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