1:10 Scale RC Rocket Trailer: Complete

After a few months of welding, grinding, cutting, and powder coating my mini trailer is finally complete. Well, I finished this about a month ago but I am just now getting around to posting about it.

Dog for scale.

     This project all started when Tom Cohen gave me a 1:9.4 scale Higgs Farm Rocket kit and I knew I had to make it just a little bit better. I designed the trailers basic shape in CAD using photographs of it as reference. The frame is welded from 1/2″ steel tubing and the tower arm is made from steel rods welded to shape. I used a linear actuator from Actuonix to raise and lower the tower. The rocket rides on a 10x10mm maker beam and micro rail buttons which are basically just nylon 2-56 pan head screws. The wheels and covers are 3D printed from HIPS plastic with rubber tires from my local hobby store. Finishing the build is a 1:10 scale RC Suzuki Jimny which does a decent job of pulling the trailer weighing three times as much.

The mini trailer at MDRAs Red Glare 2018 was well received with many people asking if the tower really lifts and taking videos of it doing so. The Higgs Rocket was launched on an E-30 composite motor which scooted a lot faster than I thought it would. Luckily a fellow rocketeer picked it up from the other side of the ditch saving me a long recovery walk.

Camera Shy: Flight report

After getting the decal applied and finishing touches complete, I flew a test flight with the new Raven 3 flight computer and an Aerotech G80 motor

The flight went well, however the tape holding the motor in let go instead of the shear pins resulting in a lawn dart from 300 meters, only to be saved by the main chute poping at 500 feet. The other problem was that I did not have enough recovery wadding which resulted in the parachute getting toasted.

Flight recorder data shows that it experienced approximately 140gs upon deploy at around 275mph. All damage has been repaired and it is ready for it’s maiden flight on the I1299 in Potter, ANY on October 28th.

HYDRA 58 Complete!

With LDRS just around the corner and a nice weekend of weather, I was finally able to complete the paint and decals on my scale Hydra 70. (though the tube launcher still needs to be built…)



For those of you who have not seen the previous posts on this build, here is the basic overview.

  • Fiberglass body
  • Single Deploy
  • 3D printed nosecone and fin can frame
  • Fiberglass spring loaded fins
  • 38mm motor mount
  • Eggtimer TRS mounted in the nose cone
  • Backup Stratologger CF in the AV bay

So all thats left is to make a coupler for the two mailing tubes that make up the launch tube and fly this crazy thing.

Hydra58 Major Progress!!


       So it has been a while since I have updated any of my projects on here but I can assure I am still working diligently on them. So far on the Hydra58 (clever name right? its a 58mm OD body tube) I have the GPS mounted in the new M229 style nosecone, the receiver case printed, and the folding fins are almost done. Also the only picture I had of the fin can assembles happened to be while I was in my car…

The nosecone doesn’t look very fancy as of yet but I can assure you that there is a fully equipped GPS tracking and apogee detection deployment computer in there as you can see in the picture on the right.

As of now the remaining major parts of this build are to finish up the AV bay with the backup computer, electronics switches, and batteries as well as wait for the motor mount tube to arrive so I can fully assemble the fins. After those two things I will be able to start the painting.

Hydra 58 Model Rocket Project: Part 1

Complete with spring loaded folding fins as well.

Hydra 70.png

So I have been building model rockets for a while now and I just recently built and launched my first folding fin rocket, the FlippinFin from Aeroconn systems. It has a few problems, its tiny, there are only a few kits left before they are sold out forever, and it technically isn’t allowed to fly under the rules of NAR or Tripoli. To solve this I decided it was a good idea to make a bigger, faster, higher flying replica of a Hydra 70 dumb fire missile (Hi FBI and people, whats up?).

So I have the thing designed, its pretty simple, just needs a 3d printed nosecone, fiberglass body and motor mount, as well as a few 3d printed parts for the fins and assembly. The current plan is to take a length of fiberglass tube and cut it into 3 sections. These three sections will have a carbon fiber tube the same length of the fiberglass fin and a brass tube inside of the carbon. this will make the fin assembly which will then pivot on a length of music wire.

Will this whole crazy plan work? No idea but it will look cool either way. I’m going to be ordering the 54mm tube tonight so hopefully I can have some fins put together in the next few weeks or so.

Oh, one more thing…


Because this is a folding fin rocket, it will be tube fired. While I can just strap a regular cardboard tube to the launch rod, I decided it would be much cooler if I make a replica LAU-131/A 7 (the above shows the 19 tube, I will be making the 7 tube version) launcher that will be strapped to the launch rod instead, even though I will only make and launch one of these crazy things.