1:10 Scale RC Rocket Trailer: Complete

After a few months of welding, grinding, cutting, and powder coating my mini trailer is finally complete. Well, I finished this about a month ago but I am just now getting around to posting about it. Dog for scale.      This project all started when Tom Cohen gave me a 1:9.4 scale Higgs Farm RocketContinue reading “1:10 Scale RC Rocket Trailer: Complete”

Hydra 58 Model Rocket Project: Part 1

Complete with spring loaded folding fins as well. So I have been building model rockets for a while now and I just recently built and launched my first folding fin rocket, the FlippinFin from Aeroconn systems. It has a few problems, its tiny, there are only a few kits left before they are sold outContinue reading “Hydra 58 Model Rocket Project: Part 1”