Hydra 58 Model Rocket Project: Part 1

Complete with spring loaded folding fins as well.

Hydra 70.png

So I have been building model rockets for a while now and I just recently built and launched my first folding fin rocket, the FlippinFin from Aeroconn systems. It has a few problems, its tiny, there are only a few kits left before they are sold out forever, and it technically isn’t allowed to fly under the rules of NAR or Tripoli. To solve this I decided it was a good idea to make a bigger, faster, higher flying replica of a Hydra 70 dumb fire missile (Hi FBI and people, whats up?).

So I have the thing designed, its pretty simple, just needs a 3d printed nosecone, fiberglass body and motor mount, as well as a few 3d printed parts for the fins and assembly. The current plan is to take a length of fiberglass tube and cut it into 3 sections. These three sections will have a carbon fiber tube the same length of the fiberglass fin and a brass tube inside of the carbon. this will make the fin assembly which will then pivot on a length of music wire.

Will this whole crazy plan work? No idea but it will look cool either way. I’m going to be ordering the 54mm tube tonight so hopefully I can have some fins put together in the next few weeks or so.

Oh, one more thing…


Because this is a folding fin rocket, it will be tube fired. While I can just strap a regular cardboard tube to the launch rod, I decided it would be much cooler if I make a replica LAU-131/A 7 (the above shows the 19 tube, I will be making the 7 tube version) launcher that will be strapped to the launch rod instead, even though I will only make and launch one of these crazy things.

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