1:10 Scale RC Rocket Trailer: Complete

After a few months of welding, grinding, cutting, and powder coating my mini trailer is finally complete. Well, I finished this about a month ago but I am just now getting around to posting about it.

Dog for scale.

     This project all started when Tom Cohen gave me a 1:9.4 scale Higgs Farm Rocket kit and I knew I had to make it just a little bit better. I designed the trailers basic shape in CAD using photographs of it as reference. The frame is welded from 1/2″ steel tubing and the tower arm is made from steel rods welded to shape. I used a linear actuator from Actuonix to raise and lower the tower. The rocket rides on a 10x10mm maker beam and micro rail buttons which are basically just nylon 2-56 pan head screws. The wheels and covers are 3D printed from HIPS plastic with rubber tires from my local hobby store. Finishing the build is a 1:10 scale RC Suzuki Jimny which does a decent job of pulling the trailer weighing three times as much.

The mini trailer at MDRAs Red Glare 2018 was well received with many people asking if the tower really lifts and taking videos of it doing so. The Higgs Rocket was launched on an E-30 composite motor which scooted a lot faster than I thought it would. Luckily a fellow rocketeer picked it up from the other side of the ditch saving me a long recovery walk.

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