Updates? Who’s got time for that?

Been a while again. Haven’t had many projects going on but now I do

Making a new Miku themed subwoofer for my car

I’m also going to be doing a Tipp (Ring Fit Adventure) cosplay. Pretty simple, just have to turn the Ring-Con orange with some vinyl and paint.

There are some other things I am considering like a 3d printed vac operated tentacle and doing a new livery for my motorcycle but I have my two main projects for now. I’ll be posting more sub pics soon as I continue working on it.

One thought on “Updates? Who’s got time for that?

  1. Have you checked out Project Diva on Switch? It has arcade controller enable feature, it says something about touch strip and making sticks behave like one. Maybe it will make your controller project a bit easier? (:


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