Laser Engraving the Nintendo Switch

Update: it has been completed 3/16/2017

So I have only owned my switch for 10 days but I am already going to tattoo the back of it. As of now I have the boundary area where the laser can go without damaging the logo or anything else.

As for the design, I am pretty much set on some sort of Splatoon design but I just have to do a whole bunch of photochopping to see what will look good. If all goes well, I will probably have it all set on Thursday.

Oh, and if anyone wants a DXF or a Corel Draw template of the boundary area just leave A comment and Il put the most up to date one on Thingiverse. (for the NA version, looks like other regions have slightly different marking layouts so the design may overlap)

4 thoughts on “Laser Engraving the Nintendo Switch

  1. Saw your post. Am looking to get some custom engraving for a Switch for a friends birthday. Do you do them for a fee?


    1. I do engrave others Switches for free but due to the nature of putting expensive electronics in a machine that can destroy them faster than you can blink, I only do them if the owner can make it personally to the laser to observe. Its just not a process I am too comfortable with doing. If you happen to be in the New England area or if you want to take a trip I could definitely set something up.


      1. Hi! I have been looking everywhere to engrave a Switch as a gift to someone else. I read your post and am willing to have it done. I am around the New England area, so please let me know if we can work something out! Thank you.


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